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Come in!  We're glad to have you!


We are delighted to extend to you, our "on-line" customer, a very warm welcome!  It's a pleasure to be able to reach out to you in this "e-way" -- hopefully you will enjoy your visit with us, and will return often.

We opened our "brick-and-mortar" gift shop in Little Italy, in Cleveland, Ohio, for an important reason.  Although our storefront itself is rather small, we're delighted when customers enjoy browsing and lingering.  Quite often, people are in no hurry to leave, as they look around and ponder our various gift items.  Then, they begin to recount memories of family members, or heirlooms, or special or fun traditions -- memories sparked by something in our shop that caught their eye. 

Many of the people who come into our shop have visited Italy in the past, and they spontaneously begin to share their wonderful experiences, and their dreams of returning!  It's fun to share their excitement and joy, and to hear their stories.  We truly enjoy the opportunity to meet and serve such interesting people!  We of course cannot "visit" with you in the same personal way, but we want you to know that we welcome you just as warmly!  And serving you will be our pleasure and our honor! 

Our grandparents left Europe and came to America in the early 1900's.  They encountered many new adventures here -- some experiences were difficult and painful, while others were exciting, rewarding, and gratifying.  Amid all that they encountered, they held fast to what was truly important to them --they continued to cherish and exemplify the deep values and beliefs that in essence defined them.  This unwavering commitment to dearly held values and standards is our proud heritage, and we hold onto it as our guiding principle.

Our shop in Little Italy, and now our on-line storefront as well, are the tributes we would like to pay to our grandparents and parents.  For this reason, we promise to expend our very best efforts in serving you.  We would give added reassurances to you, our on-line customers --  because the very nature of on-line purchasing transactions can render them impersonal and "distanced", we therefore deepen our commitment to process your on-line purchases with respect, care, and expediency.

So now, enter our on-line storefront through any door you choose!  Enjoy your visit, and please come back to us often!


If you are ever in Cleveland's Little Italy, please come to see us!  We are located directly across from Holy Rosary Church, on Mayfield Road. 


Madonna of World Peace, ANRI Madonna of World Peace

Madonna of World Peace

St. Francis St. Francis

St. Francis of Assisi

September Fruit, Giuseppe Armani September Fruit

September Fruit, from the "Golden Age" Collection by Giuseppe Armani

St. Christopher, Franco St. Christopher

St. Christopher

Sun, Moon and Star Necklace

Sterling Silver Necklace with Sun, Moon and Star